• Picking a “service” section layout between V6 and V5. Or explore more options as I am still on the fence
  • I had to Macgyver a new pop up CTA… so let me know if you like that


  • Long scroll
  • Needs content in the sections
  • Social Media: What other visual elements should be present
  • Design Illustraiton: Need visuals
  • Other serivers: Need everything
  • Services will  need to match whatever we have on the home page too

Individual Services

  • Content
  • Layout still needs finalizing
  • Social and Web might be the best ones to look at and use to jump off with. Photo is rough at this point.
  • Also thinking about internal pages, do we want the drop down to link to ALL services which would be 8 total. It becomes kinda a big drop down then and a lot of content to come
  • Video Production I think the categories that we list from the old site could use a refresh. Then the thought was you click on one and it jumps you down to some examples

About V3

  • We might be close here aside from proper names and content.
  • Right now I do metnion the studio here and in the “Photography” section just FYI. I don’t think its a big deal

Connect Fresh Coast

  • Finalize layout which currently follows the patter of other pages


  • Studio Photos
  • I was thinking it would be nice to have “working” photos. We might have a lot as is, or we might need to stage some. But like Squid and Z setting up a social shoot for example. 


From E as follows: And how I feel about content picking 

  • TGT: What can we use from Target? (Star wars?) That tent photo was pretty intense but only if you know what the orginals looked like…
  • UNI: Good
  • HH: Should be good
  • DTC: Good. Similar to Target just a lot of stuff to choose
  • Foss: Good
  • Mortenson: Need direction on content
  • Cedar? Will be short but I know what goes there I think
  • Lifetime: Will need direction on content. Pagge is up for review
  • Krengel: Should be good
  • OE: Good
  • United way: Not familiar
  • Manomin: Not familiar
  • Humble: Will likely need direction
  • Caribou: Good
  • Human powered health: Good
  • Evereve: Good
  • Murrays: Good
  • Arturos: Good. Are we keeping murrays and Arturos seprate? 


Pickels and Ocho. Which may be a tough one. It would be great to show off that store since we did so much for it but obviously not an option anymore. The animations might be worth showing… although the real tricky part there is that they were all flat images that needed to be re-drawn/layer and that is not easy to explain or show

City Girl

On Vimeo I added a new folder called “Website” If I didn’t see something already up there, I tracked in down in DB and threw it up there in that folder.