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Fresh Coast Collective Brews Creativity for Caribou Coffee



Agency: Bold Orange


Video | Photo

We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Caribou Coffee to bring their brand and tasty drinks to life. With a blend of passion, expertise, and a dash of caffeine, we embarked on a journey to create captivating visual content that would promote Caribou Coffee’s exciting new phone app and showcase their delicious beverages.

Sweet Thai!

We’ve blended animated text with the star drink to create a tantalizing social promo video for Caribou Coffee’s Sweet Thai Drink. 

App Launch!

For the app promotion videos, we infused our creativity with Caribou Coffee’s brand identity, crafting visually stunning narratives that not only highlighted the app’s functionality but also conveyed the warmth and joy of the coffee-drinking experience. From showcasing the ease of mobile ordering to the excitement of earning rewards, our videos aimed to captivate and engage viewers, leaving them eager to sip, savor, and explore the world of Caribou Coffee through their new app.

Always on Campaign

Our collaboration with Caribou Coffee was a labor of love, and we’re thrilled to have contributed to their journey in bringing their app to the forefront of the coffee world. Together, we brewed creativity and captured the essence of Caribou Coffee, all while fueling the love for coffee, one image and video at a time. Cheers to innovation, and cheers to Caribou Coffee’s exciting new app!