Our Work

City Girl Coffee

Video, Photo, Social, Web

Creating Engaging Content

A hip and emerging coffee brand with a big mission. We assisted in creating the aesthetic of the brand, built a fresh website with ecommerce, and designed supporting materials. We also created and managed content for social media channels, including an influencer campaign full of free coffee swag!


City Girl Coffee


Video | Photo | Animation | Web

Web Design

With the aroma of freshly brewed coffee guiding our website journey, we embarked on a flavorful venture to design an efficient and pretty e-commerce website. Drawing inspiration from badass women growers, we crafted a digital platform that was as inviting as stepping into a cozy cafe. Through our creative prowess, we utilized images + video we had created for social to populate sections throughout the site for a cohesive brand feel. This not only brewed up an exceptional e-commerce platform but also stirred up a new wave of excitement and loyalty among coffee aficionados.



We were tasked with creating City Girl’s social accounts from scratch! From concepting + shooting captivating visuals to witty captions, we crafted posts that resonated with a woman-centric audience, turning every scroll into a flavorful journey through the world of specialty coffee. In addition, we ran large paid ads and influencer marketing campaigns to get the good word out!

The Results

Fresh Coast is more than our social media providers, they are an extension of our internal team. They have the amazing capability to take our concepts and turn them into a beautifully branded reality. They have been integral in helping us build and grow our brand in the Twin Cities, and beyond! They will be part of the City Girl family for years to come.