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Life Time

Life Time Fitness has been on a fitness journey like no other, and we’re proud to be their video partners every step of the way. We’ve lent our expertise in video services to help promote fitness classes, bringing the energy and enthusiasm of Life Time’s core classes to the forefront. Additionally we have worked closely with the Life Time team and provided video services for internally training and onboarding new fitness instructors. Through our dynamic videos, we’ve equipped trainers to master machine usage, develop welcoming approaches for new members, and refine their teaching style.


Life Time


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Fitness Highlights

Get ready for an exclusive peek behind the scenes of our remarkable journey with Life Time Fitness. This video is a true testament to the diverse range of our work, from training highlights that empower trainers to class promotions that inspire members. You’ll witness the dedication and expertise of our trainers and feel the energy of Life Time’s dynamic classes. Join us in celebrating the holistic approach to fitness that Life Time embodies, where every video frame represents the commitment to a healthier, happier you. This is Life Time Fitness in motion – experience it for yourself!

Class Promotion

We’ve meticulously crafted a series of videos that shine a spotlight on the incredible fitness classes they offer. From heart-pounding HIIT sessions to serene yoga flows, our videos capture the essence of each class, inviting you to embark on an adventure in wellness. Join us in celebrating the diverse range of fitness experiences at Life Time, where every video frame reflects the passion and dedication that define this extraordinary fitness community. It’s time to explore, move, and thrive with Life Time Fitness!


These videos are your exclusive behind-the-scenes pass to explore the structure, energy, and unique elements that make each class shine. From strength training to mind-soothing yoga, our videos decode the essence of every class, helping you choose the perfect fitness journey. Join us in celebrating the diverse range of offerings at Life Time, where every video frame reveals the dedication and expertise that make these classes exceptional.


We’ve had the privilege of creating personalized onboarding videos for Life Time, designed to empower new trainers with the essential skills and expertise they need. These videos serve as the cornerstone of excellence, covering everything from proper technique to client engagement and member motivation. Our goal is to provide trainers with a comprehensive guide that ensures every interaction is exceptional. Join us in this collaborative journey as we shape excellence, one video at a time, and set the stage for a rewarding career in fitness at Life Time.

The Results

I wanted to develop something different then what has ever been done before in the educational space. I absolutely enjoy working with everyone at Fresh Coast as they bring their own unique qualities to assist me with my projects. Fresh Coast was right with me to ensure we had it just right!