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Building Visual Narratives with Mortenson Construction




Photo | Video

At Fresh Coast Collective, we’re proud to have partnered with industry leaders like Mortenson Construction to craft compelling visual stories. Through our expert photo and video services, we’ve captured the essence of their groundbreaking projects, showcasing the innovation, dedication, and excellence that define Mortenson’s legacy in the construction world. Join us on a journey through the lens as we bring Mortenson’s remarkable achievements to life.

We Are Mortenson

We had the honor of working with Mortenson Construction to produce company-wide brand videos that encapsulate their identity and principles. Through our video services, we’ve skillfully portrayed Mortenson’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction industry. Join us in experiencing the power of storytelling as we breathe life into Mortenson’s vision, celebrating their legacy of building a better future

Stories With Energy

We were honored to be part of the team entrusted with the task of bringing Mortenson’s groundbreaking Energy campaign to life through the art of video. Our video services allowed us to create engaging visuals that showcased Mortenson’s unwavering commitment to shaping the future of energy. Through compelling storytelling, we unveiled their innovative vision, inspiring audiences and shedding light on the exciting journey towards a sustainable, energy-efficient future. Join us as we continue to shine a spotlight on Mortenson’s path towards a brighter tomorrow, one frame at a time.


BLUvera is Mortenson’s path towards making construction safer, faster, and more predictable. Through compelling visuals and storytelling, we’ve showcased how Mortenson is revolutionizing the industry, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and reliability like never before. Join us in exploring the exciting frontier where innovation meets construction, as we unveil the transformative power of BLUvera.

Instagram Strategy & Launch

We steered Mortenson Construction’s Instagram presence towards a new horizon with purpose. By crafting a comprehensive Instagram strategy and setting clear, measurable goals, we set the stage for a purpose-driven approach to their social media presence. Our team meticulously designed a roadmap that resonated with their audience, ensuring every post, story, and interaction served a distinct purpose. With our guidance, Mortenson Construction successfully launched their Instagram account, marking the beginning of an engaging journey filled with growth, interaction, and compelling visual storytelling. Join us as we continue to navigate the dynamic world of Instagram, bringing Mortenson’s vision to life, one post at a time.

The Results

“We hired Fresh Coast to create a series of videos as part of a major organizational change management effort. The videos were a smashing success, but more importantly, Fresh Coast became active participants of driving the change initiative – simply by how they interacted with our team members, their commitment to understanding our culture and the environment they created during every single shoot. There is no question that FCC is the best at what they do, but they knock it out of the park in terms of HOW they do their work, as well. We are grateful for their thought partnership, creativity, technical expertise and unwavering commitment to client experience.”