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FOSS Swim School

Dive into a lifetime of fun with FOSS Swim School, where we championed their commitment to fun, safety, social, and mental benefits through swimming. Our goal was to seamlessly captured their passion and dedication with engaging and authentic content. Explore the highlights of this exciting project below.




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Regan Smith

We were so excited for the awesome opportunity to celebrate FOSS’s LOVE WATER mission with Olympian, Regan Smith. We showcased how mastering water skills leads to confidence, paving the way for epic adventures like water parks with friends, canoeing with mom, or even channeling your inner Olympian! It’s not just about swimming; it’s about turning every water moment into a lifetime of memories.

Corporate Story and Onboarding

Elevating FOSS’s core values into an inspiring video narrative was pivotal in their company’s growth. Committed to empowerment and employee development, FOSS can now offer a seamless onboarding experience through this video series. Our narrative unfolds where passion ignites real change. Watch a few here.

Stronger Swimmer Series

Tailored for both educators and students, these videos provide a seamless and engaging pathway to perfecting strokes. They serve as a dynamic tool, accelerating the learning curve and enhancing information retention at FOSS!

Safety First

In this video series, we partnered with FOSS to create content that instills lifelong confidence in water. Through interactive sessions, we captured essential swimming techniques and water safety, ensuring children feel secure and capable in aquatic environments.

Social Highlights

With all of our content capture, we ensure our photos + videos can be used throughout social media. Whether it’s trendy campaigns, or evergreen content, we make sure it will be useful for future purposes!