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Hearth N Home

Video, Photo

Hearth N Home

Our collaboration with Harth n Home was nothing short of fantastic, as we joined forces to produce captivating photo, video, and design content. Together, we transformed their social media, website, and internal/external marketing materials, bringing the warmth and expertise of these fireplace pros to life.


Hearth N Home


Video | Photo | Social | Design

Logo Animation

Turning static into dynamic, we revamped Harth n Home’s logo with an engaging animation, breathing new life into their brand identity. Now, each glance at their logo tells a story

Around the Fire

Beyond the flames, our collaboration with Harth n Home extended to crafting social content that told a story of those around the fire. We not only captured the warmth of their products but also the stories of the people gathered. Additionally, we produced an engaging short social video highlighting the seamless experience of their DIY kit, making it easy for everyone to ignite their own fireside moments